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text Virginia Mammoli

Debora-Franchi 1-cover
Debora Franchi Debora Franchi People Debora Franchi Firenze
March 16, 2020

Hurricane Debora

Debora Franchi: beautiful, enterprising and brilliant. Try and stop her if you can!

Debora-Franchi 1-cover

Which came first the model, the actress, the sommelier or the biker?

Working in fashion means I enjoy financial independence. Acting, on the other hand, really engages me. My grandfather was a Guzzista, and I think I got my passion for motorbikes from him. And as for wine, my interest is probably something to do with my Friulian DNA, and it’s grown since I studied at the Italian Sommelier Association. Wine culture is extraordinary, it involves both science and the senses.

Speaking of motors, we’ve seen you in the Peugeot ads with Stefano Accorsi. Are you keen on four wheels as well as two? 

I love driving anything. Filming with Stefano, Ago Panini and Matteo Rovere was really satisfying; they’re lovely people in human and professional terms. 

How was it working with Claudio Bisio in The Comedians?

There was plenty of space for improvisation. Artists like Claudio and Frank don’t need direction. It was enjoyable and useful. 

Your upcoming projects?

I’m filming for Un posto al sole, playing a part I feel really suits me, and I’m about to start shooting for Gabriele Albanesi’s film Bastardi a mano armata.

Why did you choose to live in Florence?

I fell in love with Florence at the age of 13. It’s a city that took me in, entertained me and consoled me when I didn’t know how to get over some difficulty. And part of my family is here.

A day in Florence with you. Where would you take us?

A walk in the Boboli Gardens, shopping at the San Lorenzo market, coffee at the Ristoro dei Perditempo, lunch at Cantinetta Antinori, an aperitif at Santo Spirito, sunset over the Arno, a steak at I’Brindellone. In Florence there’s no shortage of things to do, you just need to work out what kind of mood you’re in.

Debora Franchi Debora Franchi People Debora Franchi Firenze

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