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Nicola Manca
December 16, 2019

Living the dream

Nicola Manca, owner of San Niccolò Real Estate, a real estate agency that deals with rentals and sales of top

Nicola Manca

How did San Niccolò Real Estate begin?

From the desire to deal in prestigious properties in the most beautiful exclusive locations.

The most sought-after properties in the historic center of Florence? 

Usually the most frequent requests involve attics, exclusive houses along the river and historical properties.

What are the most desired areas in Tuscany?

The historic centers in the cities of art.

Which nationalities most love Florence and Tuscany?

Generally, Americans, the English and the French.

Which of your dream sales has become a reality? 

One of the most exclusive properties in Florence located on Costa San Giorgio panoramically overlooking the city.

The most famous people in your client portfolio? And the meeting that impressed you the most?

People from the world of entertainment and soccer. Each person leaves a part of themselves with you, enriching our experience.

A gem on each side of the Arno?

Piazza Santa Croce, this side of the Arno with its history and its open sunlit spaces... Piazza Santo Spirito, on the other side of the Arno, is the most authentic neighborhood, with an atmosphere of yesteryear.

Your motto?

Provide the opportunity to make dreams come true in order to make life more interesting.

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