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Sabrina Bozzoni

Wikipedro - interview Wikipedro Wikipedro
March 16, 2020


Pietro Resta, better known on the web as WikiPedro, and his popular videos


First, the obvious question: football player to social media phenomenon. What came in between?

In between, I tried and failed as a pizza-maker.

Tell us how you produce your videos. When and how do you come up with an idea, where do you find your inspiration...

First I decide on the topic and then I study the historic part. Only after that do I start making the video. The comic narration is always improvised; I try to give free reign to my personality and creativity, without thinking too hard.

If you had to guide us around WikiPedro’s Florence for 24 hours, where would you take us?

I’d start on the world’s most beautiful bridge, Ponte Santa Trinità. Then I’d take a quick look at Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Duomo before getting lost in the maze of lanes of our eternal city. In the evening, I’d go across the Arno and have dinner in Piazza Santo Spirito.

What is your favourite neighbourhood, and why?

The Bianco district, also known as Oltrarno. I have loads of friends there, and it’s the only working-class district in central Florence. It’s wonderful to see what a difference there is between the area’s two main squares: Piazza Santo Spirito, wild and crazy, and Piazza del Carmine, quiet and serene.

What is the secret to your success on the web? 

A lot of patience, being myself, and feeling that I’m being useful.

Who is WikiPedro offline: what do you like to do and where?

I love football, fashion and travel.

What is your dream?

Launching an initiative of my own, and the world of film.

And your nightmare?

Seeing my mother faint at my book launch. I’ve never lived up to her expectations, the poor woman!

Wikipedro - interview Wikipedro Wikipedro

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