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Fabio Viale
Fabio Viale in Pietrasanta, new work David of Michelangelo tuscany Fabio Viale, Laocoonte
July 1, 2020

Our meeting with Fabio Viale, the artist protagonist of this summer in Pietrasanta

The exhibition Truly: 20 works, including an new sculpture inspired by the lockdown

Fabio Viale

Please tell us about Truly, the monumental project designed for the Versilian town this summer…

The project for Pietrasanta features a series of works which represent my artistic career over the past fifteen years, including a new sculpture, specially made for this exhibition and inspired by the lockdown.

What changes do you see coming after this pandemic? 

I believe that there is a general mistrust of government institutions; mistrust unfortunately due to the lack of support which was supposed to help us through this dramatic health situation. 

What is this summer’s must-do tour of the Versilian Coast?

I suggest to have a look at the Versilian Coast from a height, from the marble quarries, to take in  the wonderful views of the sea.

Pietrasanta in such an unusual situation?

Unfortunately and luckily at the same time, Pietrasanta lives on international tourists whom I believe will have trouble coming over this summer. I hope that these obstacles can be overcome, in order to welcome visitors back with open arms. 

What image best represents the past few months?

The image of people driving alone with a face mask on is, in my opinion, apocalyptic. 

The key words of 2020? 

I was really annoyed by the “Stay Home” order, I would have preferred to hear the words “Let’s stay home”. 

Fabio Viale in Pietrasanta, new work David of Michelangelo tuscany Fabio Viale, Laocoonte

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