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Siamak Khahani
Siamak Khahani Siamak Khahani Siamak Khahani
December 12, 2019

Talent sings Florence

Siamak Khahani. The Iran’s youngest professional violinist

Siamak Khahani

How did your love for the violin begin?

My first introduction to music was with the piano when I was six years old, then two years later came the encounter with the violin. It was love at first sight. My father gave me one, and from then on it was my favourite toy.  A violin has to be part of your life, and he and I grew up together. 

What are the greatest satisfactions and the greatest sacrifices that come with having a career like yours at such a young age?

You often hear about a musician having an inborn talent, but those who play know how hard going progress is and how much work is needed. Playing is a need rather than a job for me, but a need that entails sacrifices. I have given over 500 concerts at a young age, and this has kept me away from my loved ones and from sharing significant moments with them for months at a time.  However, having the good fortune to reconcile work and passion is truly fulfilling. Being able to write songs that stir emotions and play live, and receive so much love in return, is a priceless gift.

Your new album is inspired by the beauty and art of Florence: why this choice?

Each of us has places that are dear to our heart. Florence is one of mine, but it’s difficult to write about Florence without resorting to clichés.  It’s a city that has never lost its soul, it’s energy has always enlivened the narrow streets, the hills and palazzos.  This was the thought behind my new single “Dalil”. Beauty is ageless. Beauty is boundless. Beauty inspires beauty...

Siamak Khahani Siamak Khahani Siamak Khahani

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