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Franco Costagliola
Acqua Valverde Acqua Valverde Acqua Valverde
June 25, 2022

Discovering Valverde with Franco Costagliola

The Sales Director Traditional Trade of Refresco Italy introduces us to the Valverde philosophy

Franco Costagliola

What are the organoleptic properties of Valverde water?

Valverde is a lightly mineralised water with a fixed residue of under 50 mg/l and a pH of 7. It springs from the heart of the Valdesia region in the foothills of Monterosa, a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Valverde philosophy in a nutshell?

Acqua Valverde is purity, lightness and design. It’s made even more precious by the bottle, whose simple yet beautifully sinuous form makes it a real style icon. 

The bottle is designed by Matteo Thun; what was the starting point for the project?

‘Essential’ is the concept that inspired Matteo Thun as he created the Valverde bottle. In his view, water has no shape of its own, it adapts to the surface it runs over. Valverde’s properties make it a very light water, so the shape of its bottle should be simple and delicate. What’s more, the silver of the label references the living rock where the spring rises, while the colours underline the product’s elegant modern style.

Plans for the future?

Plenty. Modernisation work is about to start on our factory, in order to optimise environmental sustainability and enhance the local area, which forms part of our heritage. Sustainability has always been in the brand’s DNA: Valverde is only available in glass, 97% of which is returnable. Valverde belongs to its local area - it is here that this precious water takes its first steps towards the tables of the world’s best restaurants.


Acqua Valverde Acqua Valverde Acqua Valverde

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