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Virginia Mammoli

massimo cantini parrini
massimo cantini parrini david museo tessuto prato pinocchio
July 1, 2020

Massimo Cantini Parrini. Record-breaking awards

With pinocchio, the first Costumer to win 4 David di Donatello award in 5 years

massimo cantini parrini

How did it feel to receive this latest David di Donatello? 

It was maybe even more exciting. When you’re at the ceremony you have to hold back, but at home I was free to let it all out. At first I didn’t fully understand that I’d won; I needed to see my friends jumping up and receive their congratulations.

In a society where clothes and fashion are becoming increasingly global, how important is costume in a film?

Costume is important because we’re dressing characters who need to appear as clear as possible to the audience. Fashion has very little to do with it, or rather, it does, to the extent that we look at fashion and  fashion looks at us. It’s an exchange that has always existed.

Where do you get inspiration for your costumes? 

I often go into museums and find ideas. For Pinocchio I relied a lot on my private collection of period clothing (Editor’s note: more than 4,000 pieces).

An unmissable route in the city this summer?

I recommend the Medici villas, like La Petraia and Villa Reale di Castello, which can be appreciated even more at the moment since there’s very little tourism: it’s unfortunate in general, but fortunate for the eyes.

What’s your ideal Florence at such an extraordinary time?

Because I’ve lived in Rome for several years, I see Florence as a ‘home tourist’, and it’s always fabulous.

How have the months of lockdown been for you?

I’m really sad about everything that’s happened and it was painful to follow the news on TV, but on a personal level I’ve been fine; it’s been an interesting pause for thought.

massimo cantini parrini david museo tessuto prato pinocchio

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