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Silvia Orsi Bertolini
December 13, 2019

Without boundaries

Silvia Orsi Bertolini is the founder of La Jamais Contente, an agency specializing in the communication and organization of exclusive events

Silvia Orsi Bertolini

Which aspect of your job do you like most?

The success of the event and of the client, and the fun of the guests.

What does it mean to organize a customized event?

It means you must get inside the client’s head, know every corner of the company, understand what the needs are and what result is expected.

The location that you would like to add to your portfolio?

The moon.

The secret for never ceasing to amaze?

The secret lies in always doing your best and giving your utmost, and in having reliable, visionary “prompters” at your side.

The most curious request you have ever received?

An event in a hot-air balloon.

What type of event do you prefer?

I like to do events regardless of type; I like organizing them and inviting guests and friends to have fun, and with the excuse of being together. I enjoy myself when the client is generous in organizing an initiative so as to attain the best possible result.

Pitti Immagine Uomo, a great motor of events. What makes this event so special and what is its strength?

Pitti Immagine succeeds in putting together many realities and in moving thousands of people, giving everyone wonderful surprises.

Your Florence, in three places dear to your heart.

Santo Spirito, the Duomo and the tennis club.

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