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Sabrina Tonello
Sabrina Tonello Sabrina Tonello Sabrina Tonello
October 11, 2022

Sabrina Tonello and her love for fashion

Green, fashionable, tailored and authentically styled collections

Sabrina Tonello

How did you develop a passion for fashion?

As a child I loved watching Hollywood films. The fifties and sixties, their style and femininity made me dream. I remember my grandmother taking me with her to the dressmaker and I would pretend doing the same with my Barbie.

What distinguishes your collections from others?

The use of quality, Made-in-Italy fabrics, natural and green. Their beauty and comfort are matchless, in addition to being eco and health-friendly. My collections are designed to be a way to express one’s personality elegantly and responsibly, a mark of distinction that looks to a quality of life providing harmony and safety.

Three adjectives to describe the Sabrina Tonello style.

Sartorial, sophisticated, comfortable.

The must-haves of a woman’s wardrobe?

A sartorial and charismatic piece of outerwear, a silk blouse, flawless jeans and a pair of handmade shoes.

The golden rules for choosing the perfect outfit.

The study of the shape and fabric that best suit one’s body type and the nuances that blend well with one’s skin complexion.

This fall/winter trends?

Bright colors, clothing in flowing and floating fabrics, matched with velvet jackets, since always the strength of the Sabrina Tonello style.

Beauty is?

Being oneself against fitting in. Creating your own style that fits you and best represents you. This is the way I create fashion, a journey inside oneself in search of one’s authentic beauty!

Your favorite places in Florence.

A walk along Viale dei Colli, a breathtaking view of Florence at every step leaving me amazed every single time.

Sabrina Tonello Sabrina Tonello Sabrina Tonello

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