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Luciano Cimmino IG @ sophialorenrestaurant
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July 18, 2021

Sophia Loren Restaurant arrives in Florence

Luciano Cimmino, patron of Yamamay, tells us all about the novelties of his new restaurant

Luciano Cimmino IG @ sophialorenrestaurant

How did the idea of opening a restaurant with Sophia Loren come about? 

Sophia is the world’s best-known Italian style icon and famously passionate about good food and Neapolitan pizza. Who better? 

How did you meet Loren? 

I met her in Rome during a gathering at her sister Maria’s house.

The unmissable dishes? 

Pizzas cooked in the wood oven. The pizza fritta is unique. First courses, perfect for the most exacting palates, include Genovese: pasta with a sauce of meat and Montoro onions, Spaghetti with tomato and clams, and pasta with beans and mussels.

Who are your pizza chefs?

Extraordinary guys trained by Francesco Martucci. The cooks are supervised by Gennarino Esposito.

What does Made in Italy mean?

It’s not only products manufactured in Italy, but also the best way of expressing the history, culture, unparalleled brilliance and taste of our creatives, in whatever sector.

Which is your favourite Sophia Loren film? 

Two Women. It has a solid literary base, the great director Vittorio De Sica and a wonderful and beautiful lead actress, whose performance in the film won her an Oscar.

Your motto for life? 

Always have a dream on the back burner and work harder than your competitors every day.

Brochure Sophia Loren-10 Brochure Sophia Loren-5 Brochure Sophia Loren-7

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