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text: Monia Mlah

Andrea Magnelli
The Fusion Bar Andrea Magnelli The Fusion Bar & Restaurant Diablo Sauce Scallop
December 12, 2019

Nikkei Ambassador

Andrea Magnelli: creative dishes with a Japanese flavour

Andrea Magnelli

What do you love about this work?

The creativity. I am able to better express my emotions through cuisine. For me, cooking is a bit like travelling: with my dishes, I’m able to recall the places that I’ve discovered and tasted, studied and loved.  

What was the most important lesson you’ve ever received?

Never settle, because you can always improve. I learned this from my old Japanese colleagues. 

Your philosophy in the kitchen?

Look at the harmony of the dish. And “less is better”; to reach a goal, it’s often more necessary to take something away than add something.

What are some of the must-try dishes this autumn?

We’ll soon present the new menu at The Fusion Bar & Restaurant, but I can’t give you any spoilers. There will be tons of new and interesting things. We’ll experiment with new ingredients and new cooking techniques, though we won’t abandon the fusion that makes us who we are. 

The perfect pairing?

I believe that because of its characteristics, Nikkei cuisine pairs quite well with cocktails, especially sake, which I really love; I like seeing it paired with Western food. The bar at Fusion is staffed by professionals who know how to exalt my dishes with creativity.

Your “hidden” corner of Florence?

The hamlet of Settignano and its stunning views. It’s a place where I love to slip away to when I want to unwind and look at the city from above. 

The Fusion Bar Andrea Magnelli The Fusion Bar & Restaurant Diablo Sauce Scallop

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