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Marco Fallani
Revoire Revoire Revoire
June 13, 2022

Marco Fallani tells us what's new at Rivoire

We discover the evolution of the historic café with its General Manager

Marco Fallani

Not only a chocolate boutique, it’s also a restaurant and an innovative cocktail bar: tell us about the latest news at Rivoire.

Thanks to its new owners, Rivoire is entering the modern age, refurbishing and embellishing the decor and focusing on every aspect of the aesthetics. It’s a genuine landmark for chocolate lovers and anyone who’s passionate about food. The restaurant in Piazza Signoria has a sophisticated menu and an impressive wine list, but there’s also a cocktail bar worthy of a European capital, with the perfect alchemy of tradition and modernity.

What’s the philosophy that’s guided Rivoire for over 150 years?

The spirit of service and taking care of customers.

A drink to represent Florence: what would you choose?

Definitely a Negroni. Our bartender Elisa Randi experiments with new versions of the timeless  Negroni experience, offering a cocktail list that’s always in line with the latest trends,  and the results are always well-balanced.

Three adjectives to describe Rivoire

No hesitation: historic, sumptuous and bold

What’s your favourite time of day at Rivoire?

I have two: the morning, with the smell of fresh bread and pastries, and the early evening, with colourful cocktails filling the tables.

Two secret places in Florence you’d recommend to a visitor.

Palazzo Davanzati, an excellent example of Florentine residential architecture, although it’s currently not open to the public; and Torrino di Santa Rosa, a small 14th-century tower on the bank of the Arno that was once a watchtower. 


Revoire Revoire Revoire

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