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Yoko Takirai
Yoko Takirai Yoko Takirai Yoko Takirai
December 13, 2019

3-Dimensional jewelry

The art of Yoko Takirai, who is creating unique jewelry in Florence for more than 20 years

Yoko Takirai

In 2002, she founded Takirai Design, in which she was joined by designer Pietro Pellitteri. In 2018, she opened a new gallery-workshop with Pelliteri. Their creations are now exhibited in major museums throughout the world.

What brought you from Japan to the United States and then to Florence?

Fate. Although, in a sense, it was always natural for me to think about studying abroad.

And what drove you to stay here?

I felt quite at home in Florence’s artistic and artisan environment. The right things happened at the right time. And 23 years have passed since then.

How did you start working with Pietro Pellitteri?

From an exhibition of contemporary jewelry, here in Florence. From there, we established the artistic and creative association that we have now.

How do you manage to combine your culture of origin with Florentine tradition?

I’m not necessarily trying to combine these two cultures. It’s as though they had spontaneously merged.

Your jewelry pieces have a very unique three-dimensional quality. How important is the space in your creations?

I would say fundamental... however, with this they must always be elegant and easily wearable.

Have you ever thought about making jewelry dedicated to Florence? If so, what would it be like?

I’ve never really thought about it, but if it happened, I think I would focus on the small details of architecture.

Yoko Takirai Yoko Takirai Yoko Takirai

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