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Fabio Rocchetti
Try me Firenze Ginger Firenze Try me Firenze
January 13, 2022

Try me and Ginger, style at your fingertips in Florence

Fabio Rocchetti leads us through the innovative world of his Florence stores

Fabio Rocchetti

Try Me and Ginger, tell us about the essence of your stores Try Me offers the brands we produce and market directly, and endeavours to express our signature style. Ginger is a multibrand boutique offering not only products made by our company, but also apparel by other brands sourced by our buyers from showrooms and trade fairs.  Small spaces, but with a large assortment and a constant search for new products to ensure we are always in line with the latest trends. 

Style. What does it mean and what role has it had in your life?

Style is something that goes beyond appearance; it is a reflection of our personality, our way of expressing ourselves. We represent ourselves through style, and try to communicate who we are to the world. For an entrepreneur, it the core of one’s business.
Which is this winter’s must have piece?

The Peacoat, a timeless piece that complements any look. We offer it in both bold colours with a patterned lining, and classic black or camel. 

Made in Italy: how important is it for you?

It is essential, we have always dealt with Italian suppliers for the production of our clothing. It allows us to create sustainable apparel with guaranteed durability and always be close to the area of production, so avoiding delays.

Your Florence in 3 not to be missed addresses?

Without doubt, Alla Vecchia Bettola restaurant, Neromo and Palazzo Strozzi.

What do you love best about your work?

The alternating summer and winter collections, travelling and the constant interaction with people.

Try me Firenze Ginger Firenze Try me Firenze

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