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Fadi Ayshoh
Coi Tavanti Jewellery Gioielli Coi Tavanti Fadi Ayshos
January 20, 2023

Fadi Ayshoh, Retail Director of Coi Tavanti

The unique elegance of handcrafted jewellery with innovative designs

Fadi Ayshoh

What do you like most about jewellery?

Every jewellery embodies a fascinating and moving story. It’s a unique piece that can be passed on from one generation to the next, and its value is not only economic but also emotional.

Is this the passion that brought you to Florence?

I came to Florence to do a masters in interior architecture, and I immediately had a good feeling. Tradition and beauty are wonderful inspiration for jewellery making, and Florentine craftsmanship is loved and sought after all over the world.

What’s the philosophy that makes Coi jewellery special?

It’s the combination of artisan and modern jewellery, made exclusively in 18 ct gold. Coi customers can choose from a huge range, and they’ll always find the perfect item, in a welcoming atmosphere with great care and service. Our goal is to create an emotional experience that goes beyond sales.

Some examples of brands and designers you work with?

All the brands are made in Italy, starting with our parent company Tavanti e Falcinelli Italy; also other carefully chosen partners like Marco Bicego, Serafino Consoli, Adolfo Courrier, Fope, Alessio Boschi, Dada Arrigoni, Pippo Perez, Giorgio Visconti and all the Florentine artisan jewellers who make special collections exclusively for us.

What’s your favourite stone, and why?

Diamonds, because they’re unique and timeless, and pearls, the gem of my birth month, June.

If Florence was a piece of jewellery?

It would be a beautiful tiara, unique and unparalleled.

The places of your heart in Florence?

The Irene restaurant at Hotel Savoy, the artisan Aquaflor and, last but not least, the COI Showroom at Por Santa Maria and the COI boutique on Ponte Vecchio.

Coi Tavanti Jewellery Gioielli Coi Tavanti Fadi Ayshos

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