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Riccardo Maccolini
December 16, 2019

A manager at the Palazzo

Born in 1973, Riccardo Maccolini became President of Club Tornabuoni in 2013 following several years of top managerial experience in London

Riccardo Maccolini

Why did I return to Florence to run Club Tornabuoni after top managerial experience in London? 

I was drawn by the cultural mission, the idea of being able to do something amazing for my city. That’s the reason I accepted when the Fingen Group offered me the president position. 

Are Club Tornabuoni Members citizens of Florence or citizens of the world? 

Both. Our 107 Members belong to 34 nationalities, they speak different languages and vaunt different cultures while sharing a deep connection with Florence and Palazzo Tornabuoni. 

How do they experience Florence thanks to Club Tornabuoni? 

Our Members experience the cultural events organized by the Club. They visit museums and the best the city and its environs have to offer them. Palazzo Tornabuoni is a key cultural and financial asset: the Club brings between 15 and 18 million euro to the city every year. 

Two places not to be missed at Palazzo Tornabuoni, steeped in history and charm? 

The reception room of Pope Leo XI, born as Alessandro de’ Medici. The second room is Sala delle Muse, where Italian opera was born with the first performance of Dafne by Jacopo Peri, in 1598.The best compliment you’ve received from guests who have stayed at Palazzo Tornabuoni. 

When you hear that, upon leaving us, they are already counting down the days to their return with their families.

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