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text Francesca Lombardi

Sonia Farsetti
Farsetti Farsetti Scuola Perugino
December 12, 2019

Instinct and reason

Sonia Farsetti: family tradition and the new artistic styles

Sonia Farsetti

Modern, contemporary and also ancient art: that is the great legacy of Farsetti art and auction house. But is investing in art today still considered a safe bet?

Of course it is, given the uncertainty of the markets. Art hardly ever lets you down. But only if the aim is not mere speculation. Passion must go hand-in-hand with investment.

In the 1960s, you successfully bid on a Fontana before it was famous. Has the risk remained the same today?

At the time in Italy the new artistic styles were approached with a certain caution; Manzoni was considered to be on the verge of scandal, Fontana was viewed with suspicion. Today, the art scene is much more multi-faceted, collectors are more open to new forms of art. In order to be able to orient yourself in such a complex landscape, there are some rules to be observed. Follow your instincts and your taste until the investment becomes too great. Otherwise, it is good practice to rely on industry experts who have been following the evolution of the market for years.

There is challenge with young artists. What are the selection criteria?

There are many criteria. Instinct can help when identifying high-quality young artists, but it can also be useful to work alongside curators who follow assiduously and almost exclusively contemporary art and who collaborate with the gallery to carry out specific projects, a choice that we followed for contemporary art exhibitions in our gallery in Milan. It is, however, a difficult and intriguing challenge.

Farsetti Farsetti Scuola Perugino

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