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Giovanni Basagni
Casentino Miniconf Sarabanda Capsule Collection
December 13, 2019

Creativity in Casentino

Giovanni Basagni, president and founder, talks to us about his interesting manufacturing company

Giovanni Basagni

Miniconf is one of Italy’s largest baby and children’s clothing companies in terms of turnover: how did you manage this?

With effort, commitment and perseverance.

What has been your greatest satisfaction in recent years?

That have been a lot of them. I’ll mention one: when in 2013 I was awarded the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro by President Giorgio Napolitano for my contribution to the social, employment and technological development of the region and for increasing the prestige of Italian business.

Headquarters in Casentino: advantage or disadvantage?

Both. Sharing values with people is a plus. But we Casentinesi know that we have to leave at least two hours before anyone else to reach our destination

Tips for getting to know the area on a winter’s day...

Definitely the Casentino Forests National Park and all its nature.

Casentino is an area untouched by mass tourism: what has to change here?

A plus of the Casentino is the strong culture of hospitality; in my opinion we need to strengthen the tourism network, also with a greater involvement of the institutions, focusing on the entire valley and not on the interests of the individual towns.

If not at home, you go for dinner at...


What’s place is closest to your heart?

A path I walk along.

Casentino Miniconf Sarabanda Capsule Collection

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