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Tommaso Ficari
Genius eventi Genius eventi Genius eventi
December 12, 2019

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Tommaso Ficari of Genius Eventi is a wedding and VIP events planner

Tommaso Ficari

Which was the most beautiful location where you organised an event?

The White Hall at Palazzo Pitti! It is a magical site with a long history as the venue of unique events, amazing parties and gala evenings. Having the opportunity to be part of it was highly rewarding, both personally and professionally. 

Your sector’s most interesting current trend?

“Support event production”. Considering bureaucratic reasons, knowledge of the area and professional expertise, foreign companies prefer to rely on local firms for the turnkey production of an event. The supporting agency does not appear in the various proposals to the client and in project implementation. 

The most original request you ever received?

That’s better left unsaid.

Some names of your most prestigious clients?

Top secret. Privacy is essential in our sector.

The place in Florence charged with the most positive vibes?

The view of Florence from Fiesole.After my morning run, I often linger there for a few minutes to observe the immensity of Florence, rich in charm and history. It warms my heart. That is my moment of greatest self-awareness.

Where do you go for dinner with friends?

Only dinner in Osteria delle Tre Panche’s small kitchen makes me feel at home. If it is fully booked, then I choose Cammillo, Il Santino, Trattoria Sostanza, il Cibreo and a few others…

Your most cherished dream?

To organise very high standard events throughout Europe and the World with a highly qualified team.

Genius eventi Genius eventi Genius eventi

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