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Mario Luca Giusti
Mario Luca Giusti Mario Luca Giusti Mario Luca Giusti
October 11, 2022

The design by Mario Luca Giusti

Discovering the mise en place that conquered the world

Mario Luca Giusti

What is the story behind your revolutionary synthetic crystal?

We had the goal of creating an innovative material that could be just as beautiful and captivating as traditional crystal, capable of reproducing the same reflections and giving out the same light.

And your passion for colours?

I do not know anyone who is not passionate about colours. Colours are everything. Colours are the receptacle of human feelings, our creative intelligence. Shape is colour. Perspective is colour. Colour gives shape to objects.

What is your most iconic object?

Perhaps the Palla, a jug without corners or edges, round and infinite. It is the first item we created. It was a great success and made us popular. Over time, we produced it in multiple sizes and in more than 20 colours. Its roundness makes it popular among people; it is a cheerful item. I hope that “like an ever-rotating sphere, it can achieve eternity” as the great Borges said.

The ideal mise en place according to Mario Luca Giusti?

We should all set the table the way we feel about it on a particular day. There is no need for obligations. Let us decorate it for the people we love and for those we want to see it.

What do tradition and innovation represent in your world?

The concept of innovation contains within it the strength that comes from tradition. It sounds like a cliché, but this is what history has taught us.

The strong value of your brand?

Ideas, the human factor: it all comes from there and everything becomes complete in the mind of those who create and transform their imagination into objects.

Your three favourite places of Florence?

If I were travelling I would know exactly what to say, since I always feel nostalgic for my city, my great source of inspiration.

Mario Luca Giusti Mario Luca Giusti Mario Luca Giusti

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