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Niccolò Poggi
Ugo Poggi Ugo Poggi Ugo Poggi
June 23, 2023

The craftsmanship and design of Ugo Poggi

Getting to know the historic company better with architect and designer Niccolò Poggi

Niccolò Poggi

You are the third generation of the historic Florentine company Ugo Poggi on Via degli Strozzi. Could we say that your passion for design runs in the family?

Absolutely. Ugo Poggi is not just a brand; it is a lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that our motto is ‘Timeless Beauty’, such as to indicate the added value which is created and passed down from generation to generation, enriched by the individual skills and abilities of each of us.

Your thoughts on craftsmanship, design and service.

Craftsmanship represents a bright idea which is turned into a real object with great personal pleasure. Design is the joy of inventing, according to the rules of our own knowledge. Service means having respect for yourself and for your customers.

What are the most iconic products by Ugo Poggi?

With 101 years of history and the many various styles, the real question is “when?” But one of our cult products is of course the mise en place that my grandfather designed along with Grace Kelly. Currently, our most iconic products are those created according to the customers’ requests thanks to the #MyUgoPoggi project where they can express their creativity. As I am an architect, I can offer my support creating entire collections in porcelain, silver, crystal or Murano glass to harmoniously suit the style of the rooms.

What kind of projects do you design yourself?

I personally follow the design of all our products, creating new collections every year in the four materials I mentioned previously, but not only this.

Free time: what is your favourite restaurants in Florence?

Chic Nonna of Vito Mollica, where every dish is a real work of art, and the wonderful de’ Nerli art lounge restaurant of Daniele Cavalli, a special place where I feel at home.

Ugo Poggi Ugo Poggi Ugo Poggi

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