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cover martina ferragamo
 martina ferragamo  martina ferragamo 2  martina ferragamo 3
January 17, 2022

On the set with actress Martina Ferragamo

The young Florentine talent tells his story between passions and dreams

cover martina ferragamo

How did you develop a passion for acting?

As a child I enjoyed watching movies and picturing myself on the screen. This passion of mine began taking shape when I first enrolled in drama school in Florence during elementary school. 

You also trained at New York’s Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. What kind of experience was that for you?

My original plan was to stay for one term only, but as soon as I arrived I realized that it was the right path for me to take and that I would have remained in New York to complete the two-year program and learn from great teachers. 

Your family has a very deep bond with Florence. What did you miss the most about your hometown when you were away?

Staying away made me love this city even more. I missed the quality of life, the people, the greenness, walking through the streets amidst so much art and history. 

Do you warm more to the screen or the stage?

Working on the character and story is much the same. They are, however, two different emotional and sensory experiences and I love them both very much. 

Your best professional experience so far?

Last summer I was cast for my first role in an Italian film, which is coming soon to movie theaters. I had a great time with everyone working on the set and I learned a lot! 

Your secret dream?

Living in Florence but travelling the world for my job, working with Italian and international productions, acting in multiple languages.

A few of your favorite places in Florence?

The Abbey of San Miniato al Monte, Viale dei colli and the Rampe, the Assi Giglio Rosso center, where I grew up training, Cammillo, Caffè dell’Oro, Atelier de’ Nerli and Caffè Cibreo. 

 martina ferragamo  martina ferragamo 2  martina ferragamo 3

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