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Daniele Cavalli
Il Bronzetto Atelier de' Nerli Casa Wolf
January 7, 2020

My world of inspiration

Daniele Cavalli declares his love for Florence

Daniele Cavalli

When did you feel your first “creative spark”?

Definitely with music.

Your style reveals a world of inspiration. What couldn’t you do without?

Style is something to love and cultivate. I love having fetishes: I fall in and out. But I’ll never take off my little chain.

What moves you?

The mastery of beautifully made products.

Your city hangouts?

La Cucina del Garga, a restaurant and my home away from home, and Galleria Romanelli, the kingdom of fragrances Sileno Cheloni, the Accademia Gallery and Moleria Locchi.

You opened Atelier de’ Nerli in Florence: restaurant, art gallery and craft atelier in the heart of the Oltrarno…

It’s a project borne out of my friendship with chef Gianluca Camilotto and love of Florence. It’s a microcosm of excellence, including Antico Setificio Fiorentino, Casa Wolf, Castorina, L’Ippogrifo, Ugo Poggi and Il Bronzetto. On sale soon, like in a proper atelier.

Duskmann instead is the name of your art world…

Yes, it’s my refuge, a place where I can express my creative side with a more international approach, a container of contemporary Florence.

3 songs with which you identify.

Want Me, Puma Blue; A Tree Not a Leaf Am I, King Khan; Biscuit Town, King Krule.

Il Bronzetto Atelier de' Nerli Casa Wolf

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