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Marco Migliorati
Marco Migliorati Marco Migliorati SE·STO on Arno Terrace
December 12, 2019

Changing of the guard

Marco Migliorati, the new Executive Chef at the iconic restaurant Se.sto On Arno

Marco Migliorati

How did your career begin?

Food has always been my first love. I grew up surrounded by aromas and stovetops. At the beginning of my career, I was fortunate enough to be able to train at Enoteca Pinchiorri. This was an important experience that opened my eyes and mind to high-end dining. 

Se.sto on Arno is one of the most beautiful terraces overlooking Florence. How does it feel to work there?

It’s a unique place with a breath-taking view, enchanting all who dine here. It’s wonderful both day and night, and at sunset, the space is bathed in romantic and unparalleled colours. Working here is without a doubt one of my greatest pleasures.

Your philosophy in the kitchen?

My cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean, blending our land and our territory, which I’m deeply tied to. The ingredients I use are seasonal, and I never lose sight of how the plate should look when it’s brought out to the guest, nor preparation techniques: like the saying goes, “If cooking is an art, proper plating is a virtue”.

Must-try dishes this summer?

It’s difficult to choose. All the dishes are delicious and fresh, but I would definitely say the Mini ravioli with giant prawns and burrata, Lamb with endive cream and seasonal vegetables and our Cacciucco.

The perfect pairing?

Our Cacciucco with Pierre Sauvignon Vie de Romans.

Marco Migliorati Marco Migliorati SE·STO on Arno Terrace

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