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Lorenzo and Lucrezia Franceschini
December 16, 2019

A style in movement

The siblings Lorenzo and Lucrezia Franceschini, with their father Marzio, carry on a family tradition of fashion-related commerce

Lorenzo and Lucrezia Franceschini

What is your hallmark?

Lucrezia: The graphics that recall tattoos, a taste that joins rockabilly, vintage and biker styles.

Are the designs original?

Lorenzo: Absolutely yes: we commission the idea to various Italian tattoo artists, who realize them exclusively on our garments, of which we take care of production and sales.

Where did the idea for Donkey Swing come from?

Lorenzo: After studying at the Art Institute of Porta Romana, I followed our family tradition which, since the times when our grandparents Marcello and Maria worked at open-air markets, has developed competencies in the sale of clothing. Then came the idea of ​​producing our own line of clothing, a dream that would not have come true without the support of our father and his “vintage” genius.

Lucrezia: Instead the name comes from my childhood memories of my favorite stuffed toy, a little donkey, and from our characteristic of always being on the move!

What do you like most about this experience?

Lucrezia: I like the idea of a ​​family business because our family welcomes, stimulates and enhances my ideas.

Lorenzo: I like the idea of ​​a Made in Florence that nevertheless has an international flavor. And the fact that we are not seeking the realization of a fashion item, but of a truly original style.

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