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Lorenzo Quinn
Lorenzo Quinn Lorenzo Quinn Lorenzo Quinn
September 11, 2020

Universal Messages

Give: the great work by Lorenzo Quinn on show at the Boboli Gardens

Lorenzo Quinn

What is the meaning of the work donated to Pietrasanta?

Give has a very precise meaning: giving without expecting anything in return. The hands symbolize the joining of a man and a woman and in the act of giving an olive tree, the symbol of peace. 

Are the work’s materials eco-friendly?

Of course. Resin and recycled material. 

Giving without taking: a strong message at such a time as this…

I’ve always believed in it: a lesson I learnt from my parents. Something you have to work on, but very beneficial in the end.
Two hands cupping, a man and woman together: another strong message in a still male chauvinist world.

I deeply respect and love women, in my life and in the world. Women represent wisdom and strength, the harmony which men need. 

In addition to Pietrasanta, your project includes Boboli and Florence. What do these places mean to you?

Florence is the cradle of the art that I love and admire the best, Renaissance art, but I feel that I will never be able to reach that past’s beauty and greatness. My art aims to spread messages of peace, full of positive energy. Even one simple gesture at a time can change the world. 

Your relationship with Italy?

A love-hate relationship. I love Italy’s beauty, its bountiful nature, culture, traditions, food, architecture, creativity. But living here is not easy at all. 

The Boboli exhibition has been extended one month more (until October 19). A considerable recognition…

It’s a great honor and pleasure, although the credit goes also to the people working behind the scenes and who support me. I hope the public, which I keep getting involved in my universal messages, will be as pleased as I am. 

Lorenzo Quinn Lorenzo Quinn Lorenzo Quinn

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