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le vanità13306 le vanità le vanità
April 6, 2022

Benedetta Sabatini tells us about her Le Vanità Profumerie

Perfumes, art and beauty with Luigi Sabatini's daughter


What is the secret of your success?

We have favoured a selective perfumery concept, but always alongside the great luxury partners. The creator of the company is my father, Luigi Sabatini. I am the second generation and as such my goal is to maintain, as well as innovate and develop.

How many stores do you have today?

We have 10 boutiques, 3 of which are in the historic center. We will soon open a large concept store in Lucca, in Piazza San Michele, inspired by the city’s splendid architecture.

What is the leitmotif that guides your philosophy?

Each project is tailor-made. We are the opposite of standard. This is also reflected in the selection of our products and our relationship with customers.

Your new Headquarters is also the result of this style isn’t it?

Yes, our new headquarters in the South Florence area is an expression of mine and my father’s love of art. We have favoured contemporary art, facilitated by our close friendship with Florentine gallery owner, Edoardo Secci.  It has been a gradual joint effort - the property, the Bianchi architecture studio, in collaboration with architect Camilla Ammannati, and the Secci Gallery, which has offices in Florence and Milan. Finally, we chose the works of art to suit the space as it took shape. 

Which is your favourite work of art in Florence?

The Loggia dei Lanzi, a scenic backdrop that encompasses the harmony, art and the great archetypes of mythology

A perfume as a reminder of the city?

I would recommend one of our four fragrances, our homage to Florence. Handcrafted with precious essences, they are an all-Florentine product, starting from the nose to the decoration of the label, inspired by a fifteenth-century altarpiece in the Church of Santa Trinita. 

le vanità13306 le vanità le vanità

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