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Catherine Poulain
Catherine Poulain Catherine Poulain Catherine Poulain
January 7, 2020

Not only influencer

Catherine Poulain. With her @official_cat, she’a a distillation of style, fashion and music

Catherine Poulain

As a child, how did you imagine your life would be?

Married and in a career, without children; but now I can’t wait two have at least two!

Style: what does it mean to you, and what role has it played in your life?

It expresses the best of my personality. I don’t like following trends, I prefer to have my own style and wear things I really like.

When was the last time you got upset?

Last night: I was watching Mum and I missed the plane!

You’re Milanese born and bred but you have close ties to Florence. Give us your tips for living Florence 24/7? 

Unmissable (and classic) is a trip to the Uffizi, breakfast or lunch at La Menagere, a walk over Ponte Vecchio to Palazzo Vecchio, dinner at the trattoria Coco Lezzone and sleep at The St. Regis Florence.

Your must-have accessory for this winter season?

Boots in bright colours.

Catherine away from social media: where do your greatest passions lie?

Music, film and travel.

A dream?

To live in Los Angeles

A nightmare?

To lose the people I love.

Model, influencer and… DJ: leave us with your top three.

This is not a love song by Public Image Ltd, Rapace by Afterhours and Blue Monday by New Order.

Catherine Poulain Catherine Poulain Catherine Poulain

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