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Allyson Volpe and Laura Shadden Allyson Volpe and Laura Shadden San Miniato
April 6, 2022

Urban beehives in Florence

Allyson Volpe and Laura Shadden tell us about their Lady Ripple


The Bee the Ripple project has brought two beehives to San Miniato. How did it come about?

In June 2020 we launched an initiative to promote urban beekeeping and increase awareness of the plight of bees. With Cecilia Del Re we chose San Miniato; craftsman Silvio Ceccarelli built a wooden facade for the beehive on which artist Sofia Volpe painted a representation of San Miniato. Today it is the most beautiful beehive in Florence; it is important to educate the public about the vital importance of bees.

When was Lady Ripple founded?

In 2019, to awaken the idea of sustainability and living more in harmony with nature.  We wanted to support Tuscan artisans and cooperate with them to create our products, advocate conscious living among the local community, and work with beekeepers to help restore nature all round. 

What are you values?

The bee is Lady Ripple’s signature emblem. Known for its penchant for serving the good of the hive, the bee wants to create something meaningful for the greater good of all. This is also our idea. We are all connected to each other and to nature. We have always been moved by passion, but also the creativity and authenticity we find in Tuscany. 

Describe your bond with Florence

After a life spent in big cities, we wanted to live a healthier, more natural life in one of the world’s most beautiful places. In 2014 we both moved to Florence which has become our favourite adoptive city. The beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis and the quality of life here are exceptional.

Three gardens would you advise a tourist not to miss?

Without hesitation, the Boboli Gardens, and then the Rose and Bardini Gardens.

Allyson Volpe and Laura Shadden Allyson Volpe and Laura Shadden San Miniato

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