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Martino Barberi
Forte dei Marmi Forte dei Marmi Forte dei Marmi
July 10, 2023

Everything you need to know about Versilia's bathing establishments

An interview with Martino Barberi, President of the Forte dei Marmi Beach Club Owners Union

Martino Barberi

What does Versilia represent for you?

Close your eyes for a moment, imagine the summers of your childhood, think of any summer song from the Sixties, forget the car, work commitments, the fast pace of life, stress. Here, you are in Versilia, indeed, in Forte dei Marmi, where summer has the flavour of the sea and salt, of past summers, of the one that has just begun and of those to come. Here the strength of tradition combines with up to date elegance and comfort.

What makes the Forte dei Marmi beach clubs unique?

In Forte dei Marmi you are never a tourist, here you are guests, you are at home. Every day our beach clubs welcome our clients as if they were long-time friends, whether they are regulars or just decide to spend a day here. Absolute privacy is guaranteed for everyone, along with complete relaxation and every type of amenity - beach towel service, food prepared with the freshest ingredients, with dishes ranging from traditional to gourmet, cocktails at sunset, when the light is so beautiful there is no need for filters or words.

Fun and no worries…

Yes, for this purpose it is essential for us to guarantee maximum safety for our guests. As President of the Beach Club Owners Union, I am very happy to be able to announce the restart of the Security Project which sees the direct involvement of the Municipal Administration and the Municipal Police. Municipal police officers preside over our beaches with discretion and extreme attention to make them increasingly safe. Those who visit us just have to relax and enjoy holidays that have the power to rekindle indelible memories over the years.

Forte dei Marmi Forte dei Marmi Forte dei Marmi

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