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Helga e Marinella Fani Gioielli
Fani Gioielli Fani Gioielli Fani Gioielli
January 11, 2023

The sparkling world of Fani Jewellery

Helga and Marinella Fani tell us about the novelty and tradition of haute joaillerie

Helga e Marinella Fani Gioielli

What is the role of tradition and innovation in your world?

We were both born and raised in Florence, a city where tradition and innovation coexist. Our father Benito taught us this traditional craft that in the 1980s was turned into a successful company recognised all over the world. Today, we represent two luxury watch brands in the world: Rolex and Tudor.

What are the three characteristics that best represent the identity your store?

Authenticity, courage and simplicity. Our goal is to create a sense of reliability and professionalism for our customers. Our strength is also our cohesion.

What is the most exclusive service offered by Fani Gioielli?

A unique selling experience: we believe that buying a watch or a piece of jewellery should always be an exciting and unforgettable experience. Also for this reason, we have created a Fani Gioielli perfume that we spray on the packaging paper.

How important is made-in-Italy craftsmanship to you?

It is in our DNA. Our father passed onto us the value of Made-in-Italy craftsmanship through the beauty of silver processing.

Your most iconic piece of jewellery?

Our Ny. A made in Italy item by Fani Gioielli. Classic diamond cuts such as the brilliant and the baguette can transform jewellery into a triumph of shine and elegance.

And your best seller?

The Rolex Submariner, a must-have watch for anyone who wants to discover the world of Rolex as well as for the most passionate enthusiasts.

Your favourite spots in Florence?

The hills of Piazzale Michelangelo where you can enjoy a spectacular view, the reflection of the sky on the River Arno and the pink sunsets that take our breath away on cold days.

Fani Gioielli Fani Gioielli Fani Gioielli

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