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Giovanni Brandini Marcolini
Arno Brandini 1955 © COPYRIGHT FOTO LOCCHI srl Brandini
December 13, 2019

Speedy successes

Giovanni Brandini Marcolini, fourth generation at the helm of the historic Made in Florence car dealership

Giovanni Brandini Marcolini

The CEO of the Brandini Group, together with his brother Niccolò (marketing and quality director), represents the present and future of a company present in three provinces with 16 dealerships and 14 automobile brands. 

Your passion for cars in just a few words?

I inherited it from my great-grandfather, who opened his first dealership in 1917. I grew up in this world, so it was easy to fall in love with motors, style and design. 

What assets have guided your company for over 100 years?

The territory and our collaborators are the driving forces of our company. The former because it is where we were founded and we’re very tied to our origins, and the latter because our partners are behind all our activities. 

In your opinion, what will cars look like in the future?

Autonomous, electric and shared. The purchasing process will also change, which will increasingly merge with the digital and transition from the possession a car to the use of it. 

Your greatest satisfaction?

To see a company with 350 collaborators grow every year and which works with a single objective in mind: satisfy our clients. 

Future projects by Brandini?

Growth in recent years has led us to become one of the top dealers in Italy, and continuing this growth and digitalization are what we’re focused on. 

Three cult spots in Florence?

Piazzale Michelangelo, San Frediano and Ponte Vecchio. 

What road trip would you suggest to a tourist looking to explore the hills around Florence?

A beautiful trip down to a wine cellar in the Chianti.

Arno Brandini 1955 © COPYRIGHT FOTO LOCCHI srl Brandini

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