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May 31, 2024

50 years of Tignanello on the facade of Palazzo Antinori

In the historic center of Florence, in Piazza Antinori, Felice Limosani's digital artwork shines at night

The Antinori family celebrates in Florence the 50th anniversary of Tignanello one of the most famous Super Tuscans, with a tasting through the 5 decades of Tignanello, an evocative art-experiential installation by Felice Limosani that 'animates' Palazzo Antinori for the first time in its history.


An innovation turned tradition

Fifty years ago Tignanello 1971, the first vintage of a wine capable of being ahead of its time, was presented. A milestone in oenology, Tignanello contributed to the start of that period named the 'Renaissance' of Italian wine.A breaking of the mould, that of Tignanello, which became a point of reference, and which kicked off the now famous Super Tuscan movement.

famiglia Antinori (credits Sara Matthews)

Palazzo Antinori comes alive with the experiential-art of Felice Limosani

The historic family residence of Palazzo Antinori dialogues for the first time in its centuries-long history with a digital work by Felice Limosani, giving the city of Florence an exciting and contemplative experience.
The artist has reinterpreted traditional landscape and floral painting techniques using artificial intelligence and generative software, creating surreal settings between the figurative and the abstract, enhancing the majesty of nature. The work, visible on the facade and in the courtyard of the palace, transforms the atmospheres of Chianti Classico into dreamlike landscapes and enchanted gardens. The soundtrack, composed of the natural sounds of birds, cicadas and crickets, evokes a unique and immersive sensory dimension.
The installation ARS UNA, inaugurated on May 30 at an evening event at Palazzo Antinori, will be freely viewable from May 31 to June 9, from 9 p.m. to midnight.


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