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March 3, 2016

ARTOUR-O il MUST returns to Florence

International exhibition of contemporary art and design in the city from 15 to 20 March

ARTOUR-O il MUST (MUseo Temporaneo) is an important event of art and design that 15 to 20 March returned to Florence.

A hub projects dedicated to promoting contemporary art creativity, design, the Enterprise and the institutions world.

Five days in which houses, institutional or private, they become exceptional location for exhibitions of contemporary art, design, meetings, focus, installations, dinners and coteries, prizes and awards, collateral exhibitions, and a section dedicated to children and artists together. One way to emphasize that art is born to be lived in daily life and for being an important communication tool.

Customers of art will participate by presenting their project with the Artists borne by them, so as to emphasize the important role of the Customer and sensitize the Authorities on the need to support the revival of the art laboratories, of which Florence, emblematically for Italy , it has always been rich.

The 2016 edition of this still prefers the projects targeted to eco-sustainability and versatility, providing a comprehensive view of the varied art world, also made up of architecture, design, music, fashion, food and territory.

Among artists and designers: Pablo Atchugarry, Giacomo Filippini, Giorgio Faletti, Ignazio Fresu, Franco Repetto, Nino Ventura, Carla Sassaroli, Carton Factory e FIAM Italia.

Sponsor of this edition 2016, the XXIII in total and the XII in Florence, will be the Greek designer and entrepreneur Theodossia Tziveli.

The sections:
Interior, a Tavola (at the Table), the park, the path in town, the kids, the gAt, the ARTOUR-O d’Argento and the Focus.

The location:
Villa Le Rondini, where throughout the year will continue the cenacles of ARTOUR-O and the Liceo Artistico di Porta Romana e Sesto Fiorentino (the two main offices)
Accademia delle Arti del Disegno
Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella
Fani Gioielli
Paolo Penko
Archivio Luciano Caruso
Atelier Giulia Carla Cecchi
Hotel Londra
Venerabile Arciconfraternita della Misericordia
(next to the Cathedral)

Among the busy schedule of initiatives: the exhibition Ecce iCub, the project of the now famous baby robot designed by Ing. Giorgio Metta; Meta-Water Route, the focus The restoration of the Colosseum, Iris at the Officina Profumo-Famaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, the event Polo in Pula, presented for the first time, and more 

For more information:
Ellequadro Documenti A. C. Archivio Internazionale Arte Contemporanea

Palazzo Ducale 6, Loggiato Primo Piano, 16123 Ge
T. +39 0105536953 |M. +39 3895126874|
Facebook: ArtouroMUseoTemporaneo
Twitter: @Ellequadro_info  


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