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April 16, 2018

Blub and street art in Florence

Itinerary-interview with the anonymous hand that touches up the makeup of art icons in the streets of Florence

I am an anonymous Florentine artist. Everything happened by chance, without thinking about it. On the morning of November 5, 2013, the people of Oltrarno woke up finding a surprise. Some branches of water and gas services were "covered" by copies of paintings by Blub, the Monnalisa, La Dame with an ermine and Leonardo, all with the same characteristics: diving mask, air bubbles, and a color background, the Blue. Here is the transformation of a "graffito" door and disfigured in an urban decoration thanks to a tribute to a historical icon.

A moment of lightness, stimulated by a work of art, but which can be transformed into reflection ... you can look forward, sure that this looming crisis can turn into a beautiful opportunity. That's why I started doing street art.

Your first memory in front of a work of art?
I remember the emotion I felt when I was very young the first time in the Loggia dei Lanzi, with my father.

The museum of Florence that you do not get tired of visiting?
I have a weakness for the Accademia Gallery, especially for Michelangelo's unfinished works. The series of your works is entitled 'Art knows how to swim', what does it mean?
As an artist I went into crisis many times, only over time I learned to manage these moments that pushed me, beyond my comfort zone, to find other solutions. I learned and made mine the concept of resilience, I went through other paths that I could not see.

Blub takes shape and visibility to convey this message, the result of artistic and spiritual growth. The revisited icons are an immediately recognizable communication code, they are part of the universal language of art. They have a mask to see beyond, they can breathe when they are underwater.

Can we know your name, your age and the city where you were born?
I'm Tuscan but do not ask me anything else, otherwise what anonymity would it be? Blub is just a project that will have its conclusion, in my artistic life. When I have finished, I will release an exclusive interview with my generality ... maybe! ;-))))


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