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Bottega Orafa


November 3, 2021

Bottega Orafa, the exclusivity created for you

A creative workshop that makes high quality handmade jewelry

Bottega Orafa is a laboratory that produces high quality handmade jewelry since 1993. A creative atelier where unique and original products are designed and made, as well as collections from some of the most famous brands and a wide selection of valuables for every occasion.

Bottega Orafa

A story that speaks of craftsmanship and manual ability that have become an art and an art that, over time, has turned into a profession.

Luigi, a goldsmith and gemologist with thirty years of experience, started his goldsmith's workshop in 1993 and gradually transformed it into what is now a creative atelier where unique products are designed and created.

Bottega Orafa

Together with Luigi, over time, have joined his wife Cristiana, ten collaborators and now his son Giorgio, ready for the next generation of the Citi family tradition of goldsmithing. They all work together in the store, which is also their laboratory: the intention is to bring customers into the world of Bottega Orafa, to see with their own eyes how much care and dedication they put into making their desires come true.

Every jewel is indissolubly linked to emotion and at Bottega Orafa they know it well. The jewel is followed at every stage: from cleaning, to polishing, up to the redesign of a jewel, without ever leaving the Bottega. They devote the utmost attention to the safety of your values.

Bottega Orafa

All services are dedicated not only to products purchased from them, but to any jewelry you want to refurbish. They are ready to make any of your precious items shine. You can trust them with your greatest values, they will take care of them.

Bottega Orafa
Via Tosco Romagnola, 2041, Navacchio (Pisa) - 050 775282
Via Carducci, 49, Forte dei Marmi (Lucca) - 0584 319297


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