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July 7, 2023

Cammilli celebrates 40 years of the brand with a special ring

An exclusive jewel with character, available in only 40 pieces, presented with a beautiful event at Palazzo Gondi

Cammilli celebrates its fortieth anniversary in the evocative setting of Renaissance Florence. An event has been organised for the occasion, taking guests on an extraordinary journey through art and beauty. The experience reserved for Cammilli's guests was conceived to give an international audience the opportunity to fully understand the reality of a company that has the privilege of creating jewellery in a unique city like Florence, which has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the brand's creativity.

The tour begins in Piazza della Signoria, where guests visit the Cammilli Boutique and stop by the Loggia dei Lanzi, exceptionally reserved for those present, before taking part in an exclusive guided tour of the Uffizi Museum. The event then moves on to the historic Palazzo Gondi, with a rich programme of entertainment and a privileged perspective on the city from the terrace of the Palazzo, where for the occasion a Cammilli goldsmith can be seen intent on bringing some of his creations to life.

Annamaria Cammilli

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the celebratory ring Florence, dedicated to the city cradle of art and beauty that has always hosted and inspired the creativity of the Cammilli brand. The Florentine house is known the world over for its gold finish and colours, but today it wants to focus on an even more distinctive aspect of its collections, namely the sculptural volumes. This is why the Firenze ring has not only been made in the classic Aetherna satin finish, but in 7 different variants that also include a polished version, or the presence of various types and designs of pavé diamonds and precious stones. On this special occasion, the brand wants to emphasise how its history and creativity have been determined over time by a particular sculptural attitude to jewellery-making. The ring could not have a banal case and in fact FIRENZE is proposed with a more than exclusive packaging: a casket totally sculpted in alabaster stone.

Firenze Galaxy ring, 18kt pink champagne gold with diamonds

The seven versions of the FIRENZE ring:

  • LUX version: gold only

  • ICON and ICON LUX versions: in perfect style of the iconic Dune collection, declined in a
    satin with Aetherna finish and polished version

  • GALAXY and GALAXY LUX versions: illuminated by a touch of pavé, declined in a satin-finish version with Aetherna finish and polished version

  • PAVÉ and PAVÉ COLOR versions: completely covered with stones, diamonds or precious stones of colour such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, brown and black diamonds

All the versions of this ring represent the synthesis of Cammilli's 40 years of creativity, as well as the result of the maximum specialisation achieved in the expression of shapes and volumes. An exclusive jewel with character, available in only 40 pieces.


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