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Teresa Favi

February 27, 2017

Carnival Cheats

Cult addresses in Florence for rent costumes and wigs, buy masks, to be making a lavish stage makeup

You have received an invitation to an exclusive Bal Masqué but do not know where to begin to introduce in mask, costume and wig? Know that if you are in Florence, you're one of the cradles of the Italian theater. This means that Florence has a great tradition of workers related to the costume and the show, and even today you can find the rare and precious where during Carnival you can transform yourself from head to toe, even for a single, magical, soirée. Here's where to go:

Filistrucchi (via Giuseppe Verdi, 9, Florence, Italy - tel. +39 055 2344901)
This is a real temple of masking and is also the oldest shop in Florence, handed down from father to son until the present day continuously. Filistrucchi or hairdressers and makeup artists since 1720 gradually more and more specialized services for the theater. Here you will find wigs (including rental), beards, mustaches, hairpieces, and allied natural hair. Masks Latex foam, silicone and papier mache. And even special effects for the Carnival. Professional products for the trick. In addition, you can request a telephone booking service personalized make-up: ask for Gabriel or Gherardo!

Tailoring Theatre Fiorentina (piazza del Duomo, 2 - Florence - tel. +39 055 292312)
Since 1860, is the oldest of Florence for the creation of costumes. The Sartoria has about 1000 costumes of various periods and a small collection of original pieces from the 6th to 700 900. Beautiful space overlooking the Duomo, 14 rooms with frescoed ceilings and 24 wood cabinets that contain 800 costumes and accessories.

Antonietta Tailoring (via Baccio Bandinelli 30r - Florence - tel. +39 055 703476)
Activate the 50s this place tailoring accurate historical research that allows to reproduce patterns and fabrics with designs, embroidery and traditional manufacturing processes. The service here is accurate: the seamstresses help customers in choosing the costume, quickly made the necessary corrections, the clothes, if required, are delivered to your door.

Alice's Masks Studio (Via Faenza 72 r, Florence, Italy - tel. +39 055 287370)
Agostino Dessi, who came to Florence in the 70s, after a period of study, decided to open this laboratory dedicated exclusively to the creation of handmade papier-mâché masks, activity in which it is now also involved his daughter Alice. Here you will find for sure the most beautiful masks of Florence.


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