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Piero Chiambretti
June 16, 2009

Chiambretti Day

Secret ingredients of the most ironic host

He is famous for his astute and irreverent interviews with famous and potential personalities. For his elegant- transgress look of a perennial optimist. He always has a word to say, even in his private life. And for his Napoleonic stature.
But Piero Chiambretti exorcises his 1 , 65 mt height, peering from above his sympathy and intelligent irony, on anyone occurring: a talent that led him to be surrounded by many friends, many of them Tuscan, but also to be feared of for who should be afraid of being prey of his cross-fire inquiries.

From Piedmont, polyhedron artist, a Torino fan, Chiambretti has behind his shoulders a by now pages long curriculum: started working by radio broadcast for a long time, then once introduced to television, he dedicated himself to the tv screens, where he became one of the few to have great success on the Rai and Mediaset channels, without counting the triumph of Markette on channel 7. And as a great communicator he willingly answers the questions regarding the obligatory topic on Tuscany , and not only.

You have many collaborators and friends in Tuscany. What kind of connection do you have with our region?
I am very fascinated but at the same time terrorized , because the Tuscans have a sharp tongue and often the dialogues turn into a rustic duel. For this reason I prefer to come to Tuscany in my spare time or for vacation, avoiding work appointments.

Beach or city, art or entertainment, night life or relax?
Beach and hillsides, therefore the Maremma of Costantino della Gherardesca, (friend and regular guest on many of his transmissions, ) but the thermal baths also, as the one in San Casciano, where one must go and visit once in their life, sooner or later. When I am in Florence of course art takes the upper hand, also because with my friend Fabrizio Moretti ( merchant and art expert, ), I can visit any museum I wish. He is a perfect guide.

Which local places do you like to frequent the most ?
I love to stay at JK Place or at Four Seasons, where service and location are incomparable. I like to eat out at the little Osteria Belle Donne, at Fuor d’acqua , where one can find the best fish menu in whole Italy and of course at La giostra, since I am ... in love with the owner, Rosita Clentano (Rosita is the partner of Soldano, owner and host, )

Talking about restaurants: you opened three in Torino. Is it a passion or business?
Both of them. Or probably none of the two. In reality I was inspired by John Belushi, who opened up a bar for himself since he could never find one open when he went out , in other words 5 o’clock in the morning. I did the same with the restaurants, because I didn’t want to be restrained late night looking for a place always open or with tables available.

You always have an elegant look but with personality. Is it Chiambretti who chooses or do you have a personal shopper , a stylist?
I am too much of a joker to take myself seriously and to have a stylist for myself. Coming from a city that has been for years a reference point for fashion such as Torino, I am always alert of the fabrics, cuts, facons and of all that is an expression of elegance, but this does not necessarily mean to be snobbish , it is more a cultural factor. To dress well means to communicate well, to please the others and oneself also. I follow the trends, but then I choose for myself, because fashion evanishes, we stay, therefore we have to build for ourselves our own look, even with some risks that go beyond the fundamental rules. It is enough to have character and know how to wear it .

You interviewed hundreds of characters. Which interview was the one that gave you most satisfaction and which the most difficult one? And which one were you never able to do? 
There is no interview that is better or a worse than another, because each one has its own story like a movie, a story or a record. I try not to repeat them ever, also because the scenery is always different. The interview that I wish to do is the one that I never did, but all are important for different reasons. Obvious, the more important the character , theoretically, the more satisfaction one gets. Some interviews, from Gorbaciov to Mourinho going on to Cossiga and the politicians of the First Republic up to the stylists, are first on the rating list, but in my case regular interviews worked just as well, as for one I did with a doorkeeper of a big palace where I unveiled the secrets of the people living there .

Broadcasting was your first passion. Do you have any intentions on going back to your origins, like some of your colleagues did so?
Broadcasting is my first love, and as soon as there is a possibility I am right there in front of the microphone, but the television takes up much of my time, so I don’t think I will be working in the radio in the close future. The same goes for theatre and cinema, where I prefer to be spectator than protagonist.
You brought back under the highlights the Playboy bunny rabbits and you made Dana 

Matthews famous , dancer for Moulin Rouge. Do you feel like a talent scout for female beauty? 
I consider myself an observer and a chef, returning to gastronomy. Having in mind that television may be compared to a big pot, always adding different ingredients giving more flavour to that minestrone that is called television programming. The important thing is that the ingredients be measured, in some cases delicate in other ones spicy , but always well amalgamated.

So what is on the menu for next season?
I will start off again with Chiambretti Night, and then we can collect all the good that was sewed this year. But my goal is to improve even more, to give the spectators the sensation of growing together with the program. And us with them.


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