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September 23, 2019

Corri la vita 2019

sport and charity in Florence, Sunday 29 September. Sign up!

The organization of CORRI LA VITA has studied two new diversified routes for degrees of difficulty: a first route of about 11 km, which starts from piazzale Vittorio Veneto (Cascine), crosses Ponte alla Vittoria, reaches Via Pisana and passes through the Giardino Strozzi and via del Monte Oliveto, new stages of the 2019 edition; continue in the direction of Piazza Pitti and leave the Oltrarno da Ponte alle Grazie, to continue towards Santa Croce, touch Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Signoria, Duomo and Battistero and return to the Cascine.
The second itinerary of about 5.5 km will be dotted with a series of cultural stages and will also cross part of the Otrarno and then return to the starting square passing from Ponte alla Carraia.

September 29th will be a great day of solidarity, sport and culture: as usual, the participants will have the possibility to visit free exhibitions and museums throughout the day simply wearing the shirt of CORRI LA VITA 2019 or showing the registration certificate, to Florence and beyond. For the first time - also to remember the EVA Project's commitment to the territory - the doors of the museums of Prato, Empoli, Pistoia, Montelupo Fiorentino and Borgo San Lorenzo will open.
Among the cultural hubs that have joined this year we also find Palazzo Strozzi with the great retrospective dedicated to the Russian painter Natalia Goncharova, an extraordinary female figure in the art of the twentieth century.

Free cultural destinations for walkers:

Morning from 9.00 to 13.00: (n. 7 destinations)

1. Limonaia of Villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77
2. Church of San Bartolomeo in Monte Oliveto, via di Monte Oliveto
3. Vecchio Conventino, via Giano della Bella 20 (opening 9 -19)
4. Cloister and Sala ex Leopoldine, piazza Tasso 7
5. Sala Vanni, piazza del Carmine 14
6. Rinuccini Palace and Ottavio Rinuccini Theater, via Santo Spirito 39
7. Lenzi Palace, (headquarters of the Institut français de Florence), piazza Ognissanti 2

Afternoon from 14.00 to 18.00 (n. 23 destinations)

1. Palazzo Strozzi, piazza Strozzi
2. Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Piazza Santa Trinita 5 (free admission 10-19.30)
3. Da Vinci Experience, piazza Santo Stefano 5
4. Novecento Museum, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10
5. Bardini Museum, via dei Renai 37 (free admission 14 -17, last access at 16.30)
6. Forte Belvedere, via di San Leonardo 1 (free entry from 2pm to 6pm)
7. Monumental Complex of Santa Maria Novella, Piazza della Stazione 4 and Piazza Santa Maria Novella (last access at 4.45 pm)
8. Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Piazza della Signoria (free admission 14-18)
9. Gucci Garden, Piazza della Signoria 10
10. Football Museum, Viale Aldo Palazzeschi 20
11. Marino Marini Museum, Piazza San Pancrazio
12. Deposit of the Carro del Fuoco (the Brindellone), via il Prato 48 (opening 10-17)
13. Stibbert Museum, via Federigo Stibbert 26
14. Physics Cabinet of the Science and Technology Foundation, via Giusti 29
15. Museo degli Innocenti, Piazza Santissima Annunziata 13
16. Museo Galileo Chini, piazzale Lavacchini 1, Borgo San Lorenzo
17. Ceramics Museum, piazza Vittorio Veneto 10, Montelupo Fiorentino
18. Glass Museum, via Ridolfi 70, Empoli (free admission 14-19)
19. Collegiate Museum, Piazzetta della Propositura 3, Empoli (free admission 16-18)
20. Casa del Pontormo, via Pontorme 97, Empoli (free admission 16-18)
21. Textile Museum, via Puccetti 3, Prato (free entry 15-19)
22. Pecci Museum, Viale della Repubblica 277, Prato
23. Palazzo Buontalenti, via de 'Rossi 7, Pistoia

The graphic testimonial of this XVII edition is one of the most famous works of Andrea del Verrocchio, master of Leonardo: to wear the jersey 2019 signed by Salvatore Ferragamo is in fact the Putto with dolphin, bronze statue preserved in Palazzo Vecchio and now exhibited at the National Gallery of Washington's Art Exhibition "Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence", curated by Andrew Butterfield.

The official CORRI LA VITA 2019 t-shirt is pink and its packaging is totally bio-referable.


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