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Sesto on Arno
May 17, 2021

Curfew moved to 11 p.m. and restaurants open indoors

From theme parks to wellness centres: here are all the novelties of the decree

The Council of Ministers yesterday approved the new decree-law moving the curfew to 11pm from today and new reopenings.

There are definite dates for returning to the yellow zone to visit theme parks, dine at an indoor restaurant and have coffee at the bar counter.

The biggest news is the gradual abolition of the curfew, which will be lifted in the white regions as of 1 June. Along with the curfew, the other big news is the reopening of indoor swimming pools, spa and wellness parks from 1 July. But the news doesn't end there.

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  • In the white zones the curfew will be abolished from 1 June.

  • In the yellow zones it will be shifted by one hour, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. From 7 June to midnight until the end of June. 

  • It will be abolished from 21 June.


  • Consumption at the bar will resume from 1 June. It will finally be possible to go back to drinking the traditional coffee at the counter in restaurants and bars.

  • Indoor restaurants and bars reopen as of 1 June, but respecting individual protocols.

  • There will still be a limit of 4 people at a table (unless they are members of the same household) and a mask must be worn when not seated.


Theme parks

  • The theme parks are due to reopen to the public on 15 June.

  • The protocol that provides for online bookings, spacing between people and compulsory masks remains unchanged.

In Tuscany, therefore, marvellous parks such as the Giardino dei Tarocchi, the Parco e fattoria di Celle, the Pinocchio Monumental Park, the Castello di Ama and many others will be open again.

TAROT GARDEN - garavicchio

Swimming pools

  • Open-air swimming pools have already reopened on 15 May and bathing establishments are already open in Tuscany.

  • Indoor pools, spas and wellness centres will also reopen on 1 July. Always maintaining the restrictive measures with regard to restricted entry into the changing rooms and the distance in the pool, set at 7 metres.

cover piscine 2.jpg


  • From 15 June, it will again be possible to organise banquets for weddings.

  • But there will be a new obligation: you will need to have a green pass, i.e. to have been vaccinated (with a double dose), to have recovered from Covid-19 or to have had a swab within the previous 48 hours.

  • At the moment, wedding parties are only allowed under restaurant rules and always outdoors. 

Shopping centres

  •  From the weekend of 22-23 May, shopping centres will remain open.

  • Until now they have been closed on public holidays and pre-holidays.

  • Even then, people will still have to wear a mask and there will still be a restriction on entry to the various shops within the facilities.


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