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dolce firenze
March 11, 2020

"Dolce Firenze", Artusi's simple recipe for a dessert for young and old alike

These days where to stay at home is really important, a cake named after our city

Having found it in the ancient and beautiful city of flowers without anyone having taken care to give it a name, I would venture to call it sweet Florence; and if, for its modest nature, it will not do too much honour to the illustrious city, you can apologise by saying: Welcome me as a family dish and because I can sweeten your mouth with little expense.

Sugar, 100 grams. Superfine bread, 60 grams. Sultanas, 40 grams. Eggs, No. 3. Butter, enough. Milk, half a litre. Smells like lemon peel.
Cut the bread into thin slices, roast it slightly, butter it hot on both sides and place it in a concave and decent jar to be taken to the table.
On top of the slices of bread spread the grapes and the scratched lemon peel. Blend the eggs well in a pot with the sugar, then add the milk and this mixture pour it into the jar over the ingredients, without touching them.
To cook it, place the jar over a stove with a little fire, cover it with the lid of the country oven with the fire on top, and serve it hot. It will be enough for five people.


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