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April 6, 2020

Easter with your parents

Directly at your home all the specialties of Florence not to be missed

You know, we Italians love good food, especially for parties. And if because of the Coronavirus emergency we can't go out to the restaurant or have the traditional picnic, it will mean that we will fly the Dove directly to our home to celebrate Easter and Easter Monday. Here are the best addresses in Florence - plus a couple of extra goodies in Tuscany - that offer home delivery, to pamper yourself these days with those near you or send a gift to those far away.

Let's start with the Florentine specialists of sweets, because Easter means first of all Dove and Chocolate Eggs (perfect to send a sweet thought to loved ones).

Gualtieri (055 221771)

Historical Florentine pastry shop opened in 1933. Their handmade Dove, soft and fragrant orange is a real cult, and is also available gluten-free!

Nencioni (334 8478417)

Another historical shop in Florence, which offers directly to your home brioche, puddings, sfogliatelle and doughnuts, but also, of course, personalized Easter Doves and Eggs. Timetable for orders from 9 to 19, with delivery within the next day from 9 to 13.

Pistocchi (055 364034)

It is signed Pistocchi one of the most famous chocolate cakes in Tuscany. And also this excellence has been activated to deliver home Eggs and other chocolate specialties (can also be ordered via Whatsapp at 340 5440248, or via e-mail

Vestri (Borgo degli Albizi, 11r - 055 2340374)

From the Caribbean islands to the heart of Tuscany, Vestri has lovingly transformed cocoa, the most precious of all tropical fruits, since 1960. For those who are in the area, you can go to the shop and choose from the many colored and stuffed eggs available, otherwise a phone call is enough.

Venchi (Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, 6 - 055 288505)

Of Piedmontese origin, but now the historical name of Florence. Also in this case, if you live nearby you can go to the shop, otherwise, their fantastic eggs can come directly from you.

Among the restaurants a real institution in terms of Florentine steak: Da Burde (055 317206). Steak is always available at home, but for Easter there is also a special menu: Easter cake with Capocollo Renier, Crespelle alla Fiorentin, Lamb in a herb crust with peas and English Soup (to order until Thursday, delivery on Saturday afternoon).

Harry's Bar Firenze (055 2396700), Florentine excellence for over 60 years, has also organized a delivery menu with delivery on Friday, Saturday (from 6.30 pm to 8 pm) and Sunday (from 11 am to 12.30 pm), to be ordered by noon on the day before delivery (except for some proposals, such as lobster, which require 10 days notice). For Easter a couple of typical dishes have also been added, particularly suitable for the festivista: fresh goat's lasagne, asparagus and saffron and lamb stuffed with carfiofi.

Would you like sushi or other oriental specialities instead? There is Momoyama (055 291840), which delivers its delicious dishes every day from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Why not, even going out of the traditional ways can be an idea.

Among the food shops, the best in town come to our rescue.
Like the Galanti (055 490359), in Piazza della Libertà, which in addition to the excellent gastronomic proposals, also boasts a selection of over 1,500 excellent wines prepared by Andrea Galanti, Best Sommelier of Italy in 2015. A menu to lick your lips, from savoury to sweet, which this week has been accompanied by an Easter menu, with musts like Galantina di pollo.

Le Macellerie Vignoli, with 4 outlets in town (Via Pisana, 359 - 055 707197; Via Pisana, 359 - 055 707197; Via E. Gasperi, 19 - 055 573375; Piazza S. Pier Maggiore, 1r - 055 2480436). Specialized of course in first quality meat, but not only. Famous for its ready-to-cook meat, for all tastes. Easter battle horses: the Lamb with artichokes, bacon and parmesan cheese, or the Lamb with truffles, the absolute queen, the Salted Dove, with cubes of ham, potatoes and pistachio crust. The latter only upon reservation, but also for the other proposals it is preferable to make an agreement by phone, to be sure to find what you want (if necessary also vacuum packs for a better preservation).

There are also C.BIO (055 2479271), the organic food store in Via della Mattonaia of the Florentine chef Fabio Picchi, a real guarantee, and Pegna dal 1860 (055 282701), an old grocery full of specialties, including, in this period, also delicious Easter Eggs.

And the wines? We certainly can't forget them. Here are 3 wine shops that will certainly not disappoint you: Enoteca Bussotti (Via San Gallo, 161r - 055 483091), Enoteca Bonatti (Via Vincenzo Gioberti 66/68r - 055 660050) and Enoteca Vignoli (Via Cimabue, 9r - 055 2343220).

While the company Savini Tartufi, another flagship of Tuscany, has thought of two special gift boxes for Easter: Guantiera and Tartufina, with a selection of truffle products to prepare a tasty first course and a surprising appetizer, along with a recipe book from which to take inspiration for many preparations. Delivery in 48/72, so hurry up!

Finally, two goodies outside the city, but that make home deliveries also in Florence.
Paolo Sacchetti, owner and pastry chef of the award-winning pastry shop of Prato Nuovo Mondo (0574 27765), who delivers all over Italy his renowned Colomba, whose recipe he also revealed to us.

Dario Cecchini, the famous "butcher poet", the soul of the Antica Macelleria Cecchini in Panzano in Chianti, relied on his right-hand man for the delivery service, "Riccardo a domicilio", to whom he could turn to to choose the cuts of meat and ave


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