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Edoardo Nesi

Francesca Lombardi

April 8, 2020

Edoardo Nesi in The Readings by

Under the careless skies. A poem by the great Welsh author Dylan Thomas through the voice of the great Tuscan writer

Continue our story through the great Tuscan writers, who have entrusted with their message for you.

Voices, glances, pauses that create a direct dialogue with the readers, that break the wall of loneliness for 120 seconds and take us a few minutes away from this present. Or allow us to see it from another point of view. 

This is what happens with Edoardo Nesi who gave us the beautiful poem that Dylan Thomas wrote for Llewelyn, the eldest of his three children, when he was six years old.

This side of the truth is a moral testament, as unsettling and clear as a confession can be, which gives us some powerful images. One of all those careless skies, which look so much like those of a deep blue and cloudless sky above our heads these days.

Dylan Thomas, Poesie

The poem encloses and recounts the pain of a man aware of his disorderly and excessive temperament.

In the text Thomas describes a pitiless slice of the Unana story in general and his own in particular, where he does not seek extenuating circumstances or justifications. Only the final verses, a true masterpiece, are illuminated through love that does not judge and bring the thought back to the beginning of the poem that opens with the sweetness of that "my son, king of your blue eyes".

Storia della mia gente, Edoardo Nesi

Edoardo Nesi was born and lives in Prato. Winner of the Premio Strega in 2011 with Storia della mia gente (History of my people) - in which he tells the textile reality of Prato and the story of his family - he is the author of other successful novels including Le nostre vite senza ieri (Our lives without yesterday), one poignant L'estate infinita (The endless summer) and the last La mia ombra è tua (My shadow is yours).


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