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February 13, 2015

Elective Affinities at La Corte Contemporary Art

From February 21 to March 6, a photography project of the American designer Ryan Fisher Martino

The exhibition, whose title was inspired by the famous novel by Goethe, has as its subject is not a model, a report of a journey or a series of landscapes, but Zoe, the dog of the American designer Ryan Fisher Martino. The show is essentially a gift, an act of love for the "companion" on all fours with which the artist spent most of his life and for which nurtures a deep love, an elective affinity precisely.
The project, which lasted several years and presented a preview at the Florentine gallery is divided into five sections: the portraits, some ironic as Cinco de Mayo, or Mickey Mouse Zoe, in which the dog is portrayed in funny poses and cheerful costumes; the journey in Death Valley (Death Valley), a series of eight shots in which Zoe is the protagonist, in complete freedom, in the wide-open spaces and unspoiled nature arid California; self-portraits, in which are found Zoe and Ryan together; views against the light, including Bike Ride In Florence, a beautiful profile Zoe along the river in Florence at sunset, the city elected by Fisher as a second home. Isolated Finally, the large portrait Marilyn (123 cm x 93 cm) in which Zoe, as the American diva posing for her photographer hardly aware of what is happening. As Ryan says the same: ".. photographing Zoe is something inevitable, is a research, is the effort to grasp its many forms but especially the attempt to represent the intensity of his soul."

The exhibition will be hosted next spring in various galleries in the United States.


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