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June 11, 2021

With Eurocar, your tailor-made Audi Experienc

Inside the heart of Eurocar Firenze, Audi dealer in Florence and Tuscany

Let's enter the universe of professionalism and great cars of Eurocar Florence, which with its style, its professionalism and its attention to the customer, represents the best Audi excellence.

La concessionaria EUROCAR FIRENZE in Via Pratese,135 a Firenze

Speaking of excellence, we begin our Eurocar Experience with a protagonist of sport in Italy and beyond, a champion, a great athlete, Eurocar Brand Ambassador: Jury Chechi, our "Lord of the Rings".

Jury Chechi accanto a un fiore all’occhiello di Audi, nuova Etron RS GT

Your daydream signed by Audi will see its beginning when you go through the door of Eurocar: a host will welcome you with kindness, who will be the first to receive customers' contacts and will start this sensational tour of beauty and professionalism.

Matteo Russo Mazzinghi - Host Audi Firenze

You enter a large and bright salon where you can touch the range of experiences that only Eurocar can give you. Accompanied by the cordiality of the service, you will discover the latest models, book your Test Drive and, thanks to the Car Configurator, choose among the Audi models according to your preferences and desires. 

Un consulente alla vendita Audi nell'esclusiva sala costumer private lounge dotata di visore per la realtà aumentata

Experiences to be lived through the soul of the Eurocar service, that of the highly prepared sales consultants, professionals able to guide you step by step in the choice of the vehicle that best reflects your needs, in all its phases: from test drive to configuration.

Andrea Zavani - Responsabile Sede Eurocar Firenze

Silvestra Carlisi - Audi Manager

Fillis Franceschini - Accoglienza Clienti Vendita

Francesca Girolamo - Consulente alla vendita

Lorenzo Serra - Consulente alla vendita

Andrea Corsini - Consulente alla vendita

Marco Drovandi - Consulente alla Vendita

Fabrizio Pagliai - Consulente alla vendita divisione business

But it doesn't end here, Eurocar expands its universe of services with the opening of an exclusive digital showroom, for a distance buying experience without compromise, with an expert salesman always at your side.

Il team service Audi Firenze

A tout court service in the field of Audi cars can not fail to include a complete service and assistance, able to solve any problem.

Daniela Giani - Accoglienza Clienti Service

Martina Malanchi - Accoglienza Clienti Service

Responsabili Clienti Audi Service Marzo Zorzetto, Fabio Leo e Loreto Di Petrillo

Paolo Prunecchi (Audi Service Manager), Alessandro Cavalletti (Group Service Manager) and Enrico Cerza (Bodywork Coordinator)

The service team is in fact one of the flagships of Eurocar, a close-knit group of professionals able to find the right solution for your car, from the bodywork to the coupons.

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