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March 24, 2017

Fay Days Spring in Tuscany

Saturday 21 and Sunday, March 22 from Florence to Lucca many special openings

It will be a real journey into the great artistic and cultural heritage of our country that the FAI Spring, the historic event of the Italian Environmental Fund that will open the doors of the places usually closed to the public, with many special events in Tuscany.

The event is scheduled for Saturday 21 and Sunday, March 22 with openings, tours and rides between nature and history in the whole territory.

In Lucca you can visit the aqueduct Nottolini, a true work of art created in Roman style in 1800 by engineer Lorenzo Nottolini commissioned by Maria Luisa of Bourbon, while a few kilometers from Pisa you can discover the treasures of the Certosa kicks, with a path generally closed to the public.

Do not miss the Scandicci aperturta Mill Conti Galli Tassi, a relic of the industrial architecture of the seventeenth century, become almost invisible because of the vegetation that covers it, while you can visit the Pescaglia Teatrino Vetriano, built in 1890 and included in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest public theater in the world, because it measures only 71 square meters, but it is full of all that is required in a theater full blown.

In Florence doors open to the Library Marucelliana and Villa Corsini in Castello, one of the most accomplished examples of Florentine Baroque which preserves a treasure little known: in its rooms it is possible to admire some rare evidence of the lost city of Etruscan Gonfienti, besides the ivories and the gold that made Kit princely tomb of Mula.L'ingresso is free and visitors will be able to draw on the cultural apprentices ciceroni, middle school students and above who aderitto initiative of FAI.
The opportunity will be for the first time visited the itinerary tactile stone works, for partially sighted and blind.
In fact, the progress of the work of the Great Uffizi, now extended to the ground floor of the western side of the complex Vasari, necessitating the removal of ancient sculptures to date there arranged

Without forgetting the exceptional opening of Palazzo Go to Prato and ancient Parish of Saints Peter and Paul dating back to 1105 in Monteriggioni, where there are frescoes of the fourteenth century Sienese artists related to the lesson of Duccio, while for nature lovers from A visit to the Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps, on the scenic road that connects Massa with the Garfagnana.

Many also picnics cycling promoted by FIAB during the Days of Spring, as the trip from Arezzo to Cortona along the streets of the Chiana Valley, but the ride from Florence Cascine Villa La Quiete.


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