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September 14, 2015

Ferragamo for the Uffizi

New production of eight rooms of the Uffizi by donating Ferravamo

After a important restoration, come back to life some of the rooms of the Uffizi Gallery devoted to the second XV. Eight rooms for the accuracy, from 25 to 32, within the Third Corridor.

The project was made possible thanks to a donation of Salvatore Ferragamo SpA.

The common denominator of the rooms is the color green, as for the rooms of the Uffizi with works of the fifteenth century, starting with the number 6 rooms.

The opening to the public from Tuesday, September 15th.

Exhibited works as: Domenico Ghirlandaio, Madonna with Child and Saints (room 25), Cosimo Rosselli, Adoration of the Magi (room 26), Pietro Perugino, Crucifixion and Saints (room 27), Filippino Lippi, Adoration of the Magi (room 28), Lorenzo Credi, Annunciation (room 29), Bottega century Roman d. C., Doryphorus (room 30), works by Luca Signorelli (room 31 and 32).

"Who now come within rooms which opens at the onset of the third corridor - said Antonio Natali - will find no more in the initial Tondo Doni but another round, this time by Domenico Ghirlandaio, the Adoration of the Magi, until yesterday in the hall of Botticelli. And you will see that it shares with other paintings, as it happened to the Holy Family by Michelangelo; but there stands, finally urging visitors to stand before him. With the reopening of these eight rooms and the demolition of the diaphragm straightened in 2014 at the conclusion of the restoration of the rooms dedicated to the Greek marbles and the Garden of San Marco, it will again be fully accessible circuit which leads - as noted above - at the beginning of the west corridor, just before the door leading into the Vasari Corridor".

"It is an honor for the family and the company Ferragamo have taken part in this initiative - said Wanda Ferragamo -. In Florence, Salvatore Ferragamo was founded and has grown, drawing notoriety and boost local cultural humus. Participation in this important chapter in the history of the Uffizi shows once again our gratitude to the city and its inhabitants".

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