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April 18, 2016

Firenze Gelato Festival 2016

From April 21 to 25 at Piazzale Michelangelo!

The Firenze Gelato Festival 2014 opens May 1 . Rendezvous in the gardens of the Palace of Congresses, in front of the railway station of Santa Maria Novella , until May 4 .

Gelato Festival starts in Florence for a tour through ten stages in Italy and five in Europe . Featuring the history, culture , innovation of ice cream with Buontalenti , the mobile laboratory -made ice cream the world's largest ever built.

The event was founded in 2010 in Florence with the idea of ​​celebrating the origins of ice cream in Florence , attributed to Bernardo Buontalenti creation in the service of the Medici in 1559 , and to make them known all over the world , as did the Renaissance Catherine upon her marriage France Henry II of Valois .

At the end of the four-day Florentine , will be elected as the Best Italian Ice Cream , 2014, in defiance of the 10 ice cream makers who in 2013 won in the manifestations of Gelato Festival in Florence , Milan, Turin and Rome.

Gelato Festival 2014 from May to August , brings together over one hundred ice cream ready to compete in races of creativity to the sound of tastes in the most beautiful squares in the continent and is transformed into a traveling exhibition that will tell the ice cream all over Europe , his invention , the quality ingredients , production and culture that this sector represents.


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