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April 29, 2015

FloraFirenze, the Expo door in Florence

From 30 April to 11 May at the Park "Le Cascine"

Get ready for a unique and unrepeatable event in which Nature becomes Art. At the Park "Le Cascine" Florence protagonists million plants and flowers, rare botanical collections, Floral Design, Land Art, culture and landscape of an ideal embrace with figurative art showing the Floralies Florentine to its historical origins.
A path 5 Km 120,000 square meters divided amaze the visitor with gardens and natural environments recreated through the implementation of excellence
Absolute floriculture. In a spectacular setting full of technical creativity and historical culture, 400 companies and millions of plants will do FloraFirenze a sensory and emotional magic and unrepeatable.

FloraFirenze is not only an explosion of colors but fits perfectly with the project of revitalization of an important green area in the heart of the city, with a task-oriented not only to the preservation of the existing but the creation of new spaces for activities cultural, recreational esportivo outdoors for residents and tourists.

The alternate path FloraFirenze open areas, like the one dedicated to Land Art or the Golf, with areas covered in special pavilions designed especially for the reconstruction of microclimates suitable to preserve the best gardens presented here: with an area of ​​130 by 50 meters, total absence of central pillars, the main area covered FloraFirenze compete with the most innovative and monumental
facilities of this kind in the world. The Tropic, the Desert, the Garden Sardo, the Art of Bonsai, the Italian Garden, the Mediterranean, the Pavilion Collections, one dedicated to the marriage will be among the topics of greatest architectural impact,
artistic and scenic of the very long journey.

Each day will be devoted to a topic that will accompany interesting daily activities.

Do not miss every day, from April 30 to 11, from 18 to 21, the '' Aperiflora ".

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